Personal DL box

(RobG) #126

I have 2x16GB DDR4 3000MHz RAM. It’s one area I wish I had more, but it costs. I will soon be adding a second GPU and hope to avoid buying more memory, but that is more hope than expectation. For all the DL-box threads online, many don’t emphasise the non-GPU aspects of memory and disk size and speed required.

(Andrea de Luca) #127

I asked because if you are able to load the entire dataset in ram (it’s done automatically if you use a bcolz array, for example), disk speed doesn’t matter anymore.

However, consider that for DL tasks, ram speed doesn’t matter: go for the cheapest.


Currently waiting to buy my DL box.
I don’t know what is better, get one RTX2080 (850€) or one GTX1080 (~500€) knowing that for 150€ more than one RTX2080, I could buy 2 GTX1080 (is working with 2 GPU a real benefit to play with deep learning?).
RTX2070 could be a good bet but still no release date.


I second that approach (waiting :slight_smile: ) and question. one difference will be in memory size, which may be important for large data sets, but that difference is not huge…

possibly prices of 1080s will drop when the 2080s are released…