Part 1 FAQ

(Aditya) #42

The best way I use the latest is like this

Have a git clone of the lib itself

Make sure you have installed all the necessary modules.( Just install a couple of big modules as they will install nearly a lot of dependencies, I remember explicitly installing Bcolz,graphviz, space etc…)

And all the notebooks are in the same directory as Jeremy’s are…(you can change this or use wherever you want by creating a symlink in that directory)

And now to use the bleeding edge version, I just do git pull in the parent/original colned repo…


I submitted my request to Paperspace on May 22, and waited and waited, but they had not givin me back a word.
Paperspace send me a mail on June 13, that my request has been approved. I never expected I had to wait more than half month – I have waited so long that my motivation has gone away. Please be careful, waiting time can be several weeks.