Part 1 FAQ

(Aditya) #42

The best way I use the latest is like this

Have a git clone of the lib itself

Make sure you have installed all the necessary modules.( Just install a couple of big modules as they will install nearly a lot of dependencies, I remember explicitly installing Bcolz,graphviz, space etc…)

And all the notebooks are in the same directory as Jeremy’s are…(you can change this or use wherever you want by creating a symlink in that directory)

And now to use the bleeding edge version, I just do git pull in the parent/original colned repo…


I submitted my request to Paperspace on May 22, and waited and waited, but they had not givin me back a word.
Paperspace send me a mail on June 13, that my request has been approved. I never expected I had to wait more than half month – I have waited so long that my motivation has gone away. Please be careful, waiting time can be several weeks.

(wenrei) #44

Hi, should we choose AWS Deep Learning AMI Ubuntu as the AMI to setup instead of creating a new e2c? I am using the aws educate starter account.

(Shaurya Goel) #45

Does anybody know how to get free GPU service online (except at google colab)?

(Rishabh Agrahari) #46

I am also facing the same problem. I created a entropay account and tried to pay through my debit card, when I try to pay I do get OTP on my phone but after entering the OTP and returning back to entropay interface I get error saying “We were unable to top up your Entropay card from this credit or debit card. Please check that your card details (including CVV and expiry) were entered correctly and that you have sufficient funds for this transaction on this credit or debit card.”
I do have sufficient funds in my account and I’ve checked all my credentials and they are correct.

Could you please help me in this regard? How did you pay for your entropay top up?

(Abhisek Panigrahi) #47

hi @jeremy. I was looking into the script that we get from setup for fastai. How did source activate fastai work as there was no environment called fastai got created before ?

(William Horton) #48

You can run the lessons on Kaggle Kernels, which now have free GPU support: