Paperspace referral link


If anyone’s using paperspace use my referral link

(Cedric Chee) #2

Anyone looking to get USD 10 off Paperspace can use my referral code:

How does the Paperspace referral program work?

Just in case anyone overlook this, Jeremy mentioned in the following thread that we have a USD 15 credit code we can all use: FASTAI15

(Mike Moloch) #3

Feel free to use mine if others have been used up. Please do reply to my post if you end up using my referral code so others know it’s not valid anymore (only works for one person apparently)



(Florian Peter) #4

Shoot, found this too late =)

Here’s one more link:

(Sambhavi) #5

If anyone is using Paperspace, here is my referral code: O6K2SGS

(Aswadi) #6

Here is my paperspace referral link


Here is my Paperspace referral code Q35OD9.

(Ank) #8

Here is my referral code

(Anders) #9

Here is mine: V1G8O0F
You can plop it in on this page, on the right side it should say “Promo Code”: / console / account / billing

(Oren Dar) #10

Thank you!

Here is mine - just enter it where it says “Promo Code” at the bottom and get $10 credit: UIKIS6G


Here is my referral code:1JDG9VD

(Raja Rupinder Singh) #12

My referral code:

(Ashin Joshi) #13

I don’t have a credit card. How do I use paperspace without it? Please help. :slight_smile:


My referral code is the following: 0R0XFI9
No problems using Europe servers