Moving data and files between paperspace and local machine


I am not sure if this is the right place to ask. How do we move files and data between our local computer and paperspace ?

(Pranav Kanade) #2

I am using filezilla to move jupyter notebooks around.
You can also use github repo for all your code and then can do push/pull on either side.
From linux command line you can use : scp
for more on this can use : man/info scp

(Shivam Goel) #3

you can also use WinSCP to connect between local and VM and then sharing almost anything. :slight_smile:

(Alexandre Cavalcante) #4

as pkanade said, filezilla may help you. I get it done using this tuto:

For me it worked great. I hope it works for you.

(Michael Cheich) #5

I think git is probably the best option, but a real quick and easy way is to use Google Drive.

If you set up google drive to share a folder on your local computer, then when you open jupyter notebook, you can upload directly from google drive.

When I am testing things like my own pictures of dogs, or simple things like that, it feels like a quick solution.


Thanks guys. I am using MacOS. I believe I will have to use SSH to move data to the paperspace machines. My data size is about 3GB.
Any thoughts.

(Sritanu Chakraborty) #7

You can use rsync.