Module Not Found Error: No module named 'bcolz'

(Kevin Wu) #1

I am getting ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'bcolz' when I want to run the textbook in lesson 1 containing from fastai.imports import *.

I already tried everything in here ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'bcolz', but it didn’t work for me.

(Gokkul Nath T S) #2

Try running conda install -c anaconda bcolz from Conda Environment or anaconda prompt(Windows) to get the required library. You can enter conda enviroment by running source activate environment_name (No need of Source in the case of windows)

(Will Hampson) #3

@gokkulnath thank you for the help. I just had the same problem that popped up after running a git pull and conda env update and your solution fixed things for me.


(Hugues) #4

Hi guys,

had the same error message as above, on my 1st machine

on my first machine, after creating it, i had run git pull and conda env update as shown in lesson 1 video.

so i recreated a machine using the Fastai template but this time i did not run git pull and conda env update, and now i can run all the commands in the notebook without any error. So it looks like the template is set properly, we should not modify it afterwards.