Deep Learning - español

(nczx98w3.nsaonw3) #1

Spanish is my natal language, ping me or answer here, so we can know each other!

Have a nice course and hope we can work out to the end!

(Ricardo Alanis) #2

Fellow latino reporting in, I would be happy to group virtually!

(Alejandro Zuleta) #3

Another latino here! Where are you guys from? I am Colombian, currently living in Chile.


Hope to discuss with you soon :wink:

(nczx98w3.nsaonw3) #5

Im from México city, hope we can help each other soon :slight_smile:

(Robert Aduviri) #6

Nice to meet you everyone! I’m from Peru

(nczx98w3.nsaonw3) #7

For the people out there, we are using this forums as our communication place.

So if you answer here or ping, we can add people to the message thread.

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(Gerardo Garcia) #8

Let’s rename the group to be “Deep Learning - En Español”

(Francisco Ingham) #9

Francisco from Argentina, great that you made a group!

(nczx98w3.nsaonw3) #10

mmmm is there out more people?

(Renato Hermoza) #11

Hola :slight_smile: (from Perú)


Francisco from Mexico. Anyone attending the class in SF?

(Adriana Fuentes) #13

I’m in the class in San Francisco. Nice to meet everyone online.

(unknown) #14

¿Cuándo te encuentras?

(Brian Holland) #15

Is it ok if I join in even if I’m not a native speaker? I’m living in Mexico now for 3 years and need all the practice I can get, especially if I ever want to work in DL en Español!

(nczx98w3.nsaonw3) #16

Claro! toda la practica que necesites también con el lenguaje si lo necesitas! Y yo al menos soy novato en DL, entonces, también necesito mucha ayuda en esta rama.

(nczx98w3.nsaonw3) #17

tenemos un hilo de mensajes donde todos los que contestan aquí se van agregando, pero no mandamos mucha correspondencia :slight_smile: .

(yinterian) #18

Yannet here from Cuba. I teach at USF. I am about to teach a DL course with Pytorch. Let me know if I can help in any way.


Hi everyone, I’m Martin from Córdoba, Argentina, if an study group is created I’d like to join it.

(Adriana Fuentes) #21

Hi Janet, where can we find more information about your course?