Deep Learning Book Book Club

(Jeremy Howard) #21

Sorry I missed it - was looking after a sick baby :frowning: Hope it all went well!

(alenavkruchkova) #23

Thank you to all of you who have attended meet up/ tuned in for live cast on Monday!
For those of you who have missed it here isa link to you tube video:
An edited version is coming soon :slight_smile:

It looks like Q&A was an important part of the meet up, so we’ll have a special guest every week.

I have just created next week’s meet up- please RSVP. Here’s a link

(Constantin) #24

@alenavkruchkova, thank you so much for posting a youtube video - very handy if you live in a different time zone.

(alenavkruchkova) #25

Does anyone here feel like they can present any of the following:
Mon 5/8 CH2 - Linear Algebra
Mon 5/15 CH3 - Probability and Information Theory
Mon 5/22 CH4 - Numerical Computation if you click on .key you can see slides already prepared.

I know some of us have strong math background and should be able to explain these topics. Please let me know!

(alenavkruchkova) #26

Found presenter for Linear Algebra! Yay! thanks @melissa.fabros
Numerical computation and probability theory still need someone. Just saying

(alenavkruchkova) #27

Here is a link to edited video from last week complete with slides:

(Benedikt S) #28

I’ve sent you a message

(Brendan Fortuner) #29

I’m not a math expert, but I can present probability from a beginner’s perspective.

(alenavkruchkova) #30

Hi brendan thank you for your kind offer! Found a great presenter for next week- wanna take on numerical computation?

(alenavkruchkova) #31

Hey guys and gals!

Don’t forget we are having our 3rd meeting tonight!

We will have a presentation on Probability and Information Theory followed by discussion. 8pm-8:30pm we’ll have a Q&A with Alexander Toshev. Alex is a research engineer at Google Brain you can check out his publications here:

Here’s a link to live stream:

(alenavkruchkova) #32

Chapter 2 videos are finally here:

Thank you all for attending the meetup, tuning into our live feed and watching the videos!

Our next meet up is on Monday 5/21 . We’ll cover Chapter 4 Numerical Computation.

This is the last chapter before we dive into Machine Learning. So we will also go back and discuss further Linear Algebra and Probability Theory to make sure everyone is on the same page!

(alenavkruchkova) #33

During our third meeting which took place on 5/15 we went over Chapter 3: Probability and Information Theory. (Book is available online for free:

We had a lovely presentation by @pierre which generated much discussion! You can watch it here:

Full disclosure: we did not get to talk about Information Theory. We are hoping to remedy this very soon, see below.

We also had a Q&A with special guest Alexander Toshev. Alex is a research engineer at Google Brain specializing in computer vision, you can check out his publications here:

Here’s Q&A video:

Our next meeting is on Monday 5/22. We will be discussing Chapter 4: Numerical Computation. This is the last chapter before we dive into ML and DL aka the juicy stuff.
Yaroslav Bulatov is coming back to do the presentation and since Chapter 4 is pretty short we can do further recap of Linear Algebra and Probability/Information Theory.
So come in ready to quiz him on all of these subjects!
We’ll be meeting every Monday for the next 12 weeks. For future events checkout our meetup page: .We’ll have a live stream available at this link:

(Christina Young) #34

Hi Alena, I just want to thank you for posting these videos on YouTube! I bought the physical hard copy of the book a couple months ago, and thought “wouldn’t it be great if there were a class or some lectures to go over this” - I personally gain more than just reading the book by myself.

Lo and behold, your club pops up! Unfortunately I can’t attend in person because I am on the opposite coast.

Jeremy’s classes are awesome, but there is so much material covered that this is good reinforcement and also helps gain a deeper understanding.

Thanks again, Christina

(alenavkruchkova) #35

We are meeting next on 6/5 and will be discussing Chapter 5 Machine Learning Basics.

We are very fortunate to have Jeremy Howard present this time. As you all know Jeremy is a fantastic teacher and I am just so very excited!

Here is a link to event:


Watching the video it appears that the url of the presentation slides (graphic animated display of saddle points etc shown on screen to the right) would a useful thing to know as they would help with the intuition. Thanks for your hard work.

(alenavkruchkova) #37

@RogerS49 can you clarify your question for me please?

(alenavkruchkova) #38

Hey guys and gals! i am very excited to announce that Chapter 9 CNNs on 7/17\will be presented by Louis Monier. I can’t begin telling you how excited I am to have him lead this discussion! He is an industry veteran and if you do not know about his many achievements you should google him :slight_smile: Currently he is leading Airbnb AI Lab. But most importantly he is a wonderful educator with passion for demystifying AI! Checkout his Deep learning workshop series on Holberton School’s youtube: (you can fork their repo and follow along!)
RSVP here:
We will be streaming live at this link:

(Christina Young) #39

Geez I really wish I could be there… what awesome speakers… too bad I am at the other end of I-80 from you! :disappointed: But thanks for posting these on YouTube!

(alenavkruchkova) #40

I am so very excited about what is coming up, and wanted to share with you all :slight_smile:

Chapter 7 will be presented by Yaroslav Bulatov! He is excited! He said and I quote: “I wanted to present Optimization but I remembered that I really like Regularization too” :slight_smile: The chapetr is a bit long but is better organized then some other chapters so I think we’ll have fun!

RSVP here:

We will be streaming live at this link:

More exciting news Chapter 8 discussion will be lead by Vazgen Hakobjanyan. Vazgen is a board memeber of YerevaNN research lab. These guys are seariously rad! Check out this recent paper
Their DL Guide is ranked #1 by Google because it is flipping amazing- and you should check it out!

Don’t forget to RSVP:

We will be streaming live at this link:


Cheers alenavkruchkova for the #1 link