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Sorry. Chapter 4 presented by Yaroslav Bulatov

The animations displayed of saddle points etc is there a url for the animations.

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Hey hey! these are not animations per se. yaroslav was doing a live demo in wolfram mathematica. Here you can fins a link to pdf of his slides:

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hey folks! sorry for not updating in awhile.

tonight 7/17 we will be discussing CNNs with Louis Monier. I can’t begin telling you how excited I am to have him lead this discussion! He is an industry veteran and if you do not know about his many achievements you should google him :slight_smile: Currently he is leading Airbnb AI Lab. But most importantly he is a wonderful educator with passion for demystifying AI!

Presentation will be followed by Q&A with Christian Szegedy staff research scientist at Google Research.

Next week 7/24 Ian Goodfellow is coming back to present Chapter 10.

Here is a link to all upcoming events:

Hope to see you soon!

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This week we’ll discuss Chapter 10: Sequence Modeling: Recurrent and Recursive Nets.

Chapter will be presented by author Ian Goodfellow

We will be streaming live at this link:

Everyone should read the chapter beforehand and bring a personal copy to the meetup. You must RSVP to attend due to campus security:

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Deep Learning Book Club is back! Next meetup is on Monday 8/28 we’ll skip ahead to Chapter14 Autoencoders. RSVP here:

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Only 3 more sessions of Deep Learning Book Club left :disappointed_relieved:

Next Monday 10/09 at DL Book Club we’ll be discussing Chapter 20: Deep Generative Models. This chapter will be presented by @vinvinvin !

You can the chapter here: here:

Presentation Outline:

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Can you pls add me on the deep learning course slack channel? I assume its name is
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Me too please! E-mail: