Cats and Dogs code notes

(Amrit ) #1

Hi all,

I have been going through the videos and the forums with the aim of finding out exactly what every line of code dose. In the process I have been adding notes to improve my understanding especially as we are learning many new tricks! :grin:. Most of the notes are on what we have covered so far and there are still a number of gaps that I am hoping to complete soon.

The process is helping me understand the code better so thought I would share in case anyone else might find this useful, on top of the notes provided by other fellow students.

Here is the pdf with notes: lesson1_notes.pdf (2.1 MB)

Understanding cycle_len and cycle_mult
Lesson1.ipynb(lecture -1) doubts
Deep Learning Brasília - Lição 1
Deep Learning Brasília - Lição 1
(Anand Saha) #2

That’s quite innovative :slight_smile:

(Vitaly Bushaev) #3

These are really useful, Thanks!

(Dipjyoti Bisharad) #4

Thanks a lot… Very useful indeed :slight_smile:

(Andrea de Luca) #5

Well done. You just demonstrated a very effective learning method, setting up an example.

(Amrit ) #6

Thank you @balnazzar :+1:

(Julian Harris) #7

Epicly useful, thanks Amrit, very generous of you!

(ArunDas) #8

Hi. I just started deep learning course from I want to know whether fastai library support gpu or not. Thanks in advance.

(Andrea de Luca) #9

You can discover that in two seconds by just searching “gpu” in the search box.

(Kofi Asiedu Brempong) #10

Hey guys, I tried using the steps outlined in lesson 1 to build an image classifier for minerals.
I have written my first medium post based on it, please check it out and comment on it, thanks