Zeit Now still on the enriched video

Hi everyone,

Zeit Now was removed from the docs, but it still appears on https://course.fast.ai/videos/?lesson=3 enriched text (look at Other Ressources).

This is unfortunate, because it makes it look like it is the way to go, when actually it doesn’t work anymore (I lost 2 hours the other day trying to make it work before finding out in the forums that it wasn’t working).

Does anyone now if it would be easy to remove it ?

I think the only way is for @ jeremy or @ sgugger to remove it.

Actually it’s generated from a github repo (there’s an edit button bottom right). You can submit a PR or I can, as you want :slight_smile: If you do it, I’d suggest to replace Zeit with another tool.

I just did a fork/pull request. I replaced Zeit with Render, as I think it’s the easiest to use.