X,y = next(iter(data.val_dl)) returns all 0s

In trying to use the ImageClassifierData.from_paths for image classification, I get an output y tensor of all 0s, and then an error. Here is my code:

f_model = resnet34(pretrained=True)

def get_data(sz):
tfms = tfms_from_model(f_model, sz)
return ImageClassifierData.from_paths(path, bs=64, tfms=tfms, trn_name=‘input/train/’,test_name=‘input/test/’, val_name=‘working/valid/’,num_workers=1)

data = get_data(32)

x,y = next(iter(data.val_dl))

Which returns:
0 0 [torch.cuda.LongTensor of size 2 (GPU 0)]

And list(zip(data.classes, y[0])) throws:
TypeError: zip argument #2 must support iteration

Where have I gone wrong? Help appreciated!

@matthewarthur Hello, I’m facing the same problem. Did you find any answer to the problem?

@teja_1 @matthewarthur I’m facing the same problem too! Found any fix by any chance?