Writing Papers V.S Blogs

Hello everyone.

I could really use your help figuring this one out. I am doing some research right now that I am looking to share with the world soon. When completed, do you recommend sharing my results in a blog post, or paper uploaded to arxiv?

To me where you publish (from blog post to peer reviewed journal with arxiv in the middle) depends on what you think is the importance and scope of your work.

How much does your work improve our comprehension of a subject ?
How general and efficient is the solution you propose ?

If you think your research community could use your concepts as a building block to get further, then a paper is in order.
Otherwise, if its too specific or not novel enough, then a blog post seem more appropriate.

Note that you can do a blog post (which, via comments, lets you interact with your readers much easily) and later (if the research proved fruitful, you improved your comprehension or amassed more evidence) assemble your ideas into a paper. Do not feel forced to start with a paper.