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I have completed 3 Lessons. I am not much of a writer but I really feel motivated to write a blog. Can someone suggest some nice and simple topics, to begin with?

Hi malika Hope all is well!
If you have finished the first three lessons, you could write about your experiences, you could talk about how you deployed your first app. Jeremy says this really helps the people who are following you. As when you become better, or more experienced you won’t remember some of these challenges and your explanations may become harder for the people who are new to ML to understand.

Hope this helps.

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For example, if there is a mention about DataBlock or splitters, you could delve deeper into it - what are the kinds of blocks or splitters and give examples (loading a dataset) about using these… In many competitions, there are kernels about loading the data. Thus, showing examples of different ways pf loading, you can save time for others…

Remember, a blog need not be lengthy to be useful!


You could just write a note on a topic you understand well, and thus you can help others learn and/or possibly gain a different perspective. Here you could just explain something in your own way. Share some tips. Anything goes, really.

Keeping your past self in mind while writing a blog is a suggested way. That way you are able to communicate with learners who are at the same stage you were in the past. And they can learn from you.

Also, writing blogs clears many things for yourself. You should write.

These are the reasons why you should write. When you know why you are writing, you are possibly more motivated to write as you know the purpose.

Another thing I want to add is, do not refrain from writing on a topic that is already covered in other blog posts. At this stage, you are writing primarily to strengthen your understanding. Also, not all blogs are helpful to everyone. So, you might end up actually helping someone with their queries.

Hope I was able to help.


Sure! Thanks alot :slight_smile:

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Oh that’s a nice idea!

True! Thanks alot!