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A question -probably basic- on jupyter notebooks, not sure where to post but as I’m in the beginner team with jupyter and Python probably fits here just ok;

The issue: Both if using AWS, or Paperspace we should copy-paste the link+token as a url in our local browser. It sometimes works fine.

But many other times (randomly?) the browser will not “accept” the url and will ask for pasting aditional “token authentication” . (Copy pasting the token we already had doesn’t work, restarting kernel doesnt work, changes are not saved… “forbidden” message displays on console…a bit of head banging on keyboard before accepting the defeat…).

Anyone with same problem, or hints on causes/solutions?

Try out
jupyter notebook list
And then copy the token
To activate it…
Hope it helps…

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Thanks @ecdrid, yes, that was one of my first tries, but doesnt work. (The token in the list is included in the url we had and doesn’t work if pasted -again- to the token cell). :sweat:

I have my instances not running now, and will be AFK for a while… but will add more info if an “obvious” hint doesn’t come up and problem persists…

EDIT: the problem is not reproducing, only measures taken were local restart and browsers cookies deleted, don’t know how much that helped but I mention it here in case someone finds same problem.

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