Windows Subsystems for Linux 2

Maybe with a real Linux kernel this would open the door for CUDA support?

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So you are looking for CUDA inside Linux/WSL running on Windows? (just so I understand your question correctly)

No, just hoping that now that WSL 2 uses a full linux kernel, maybe Microsoft could add access to GPU more easily which would open the door to CUDA on WSL.

Even though I use primarily windows as my main desktop, Linux seems to be much easier with deep learning, so it would be nice if the community could focus on making everything work perfectly on Linux, not having to worry about windows too much, but windows users would still be able to use everything because of WSL…

Not directly.

With wsl2 MS just removed the (understandably) biggest pain point viz. compatibility. It’s a well performing toy without this.

Check out minute 51 in this talk. Direct hardware access is next in the backlog including Cuda.

So its still work on MS’ part to enable Cuda. No ETA yet.

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Hey everyone - just FYI CUDA on WSL2 is on its way.


NVIDIA will make a CUDA on WSL preview version available soon for Microsoft Windows Insiders program members who have registered in the NVIDIA Developer Program.

More info: