Windows Installation - Am I doing it right?

The new requires pytorch 1.0

Last time before pytorch released their stable version we were using the one from peterjc123 and it was working fine.

Well, I you go there you can find a table

The status changes every day depending on the version and the type of version you need (CPU or CUDA)

Depending on your python version you can install the conda to use with conda or the wheel to use with pip.
You will have to download the compress file your PC and install it.

After that you will have to go back and forth with Jeremy’s installation

I installed it with CPU and with CUDA in two windows 10 computers and seems to be working.

I found that some of the notebooks don’t work 100% with Windows but if you submit your error that may help the awesome developers to fix the those issues.

I hope this help.

See the source image