Wiki thread: Intro workshop

I’ve created documentation on getting started using tmux on AWS.
(I’ve also added the link to: Wiki thread: Intro Workshop).


Awesome! Thanks! :slight_smile:

@reshama that’s great! Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile: A couple of suggestions:

  • Maybe mention that one of the top uses for tmux is being able to leave things running for a while, and it doesn’t matter if the terminal closes or you lose your internet connection for a moment?
  • ctrl-b followed by ? brings up a full list of keyboard shortcuts, which I find quite handy

(BTW, you may find your markdown files look a little nicer if you use the kbd tag for keyboard shortcuts, as I did in the 2nd bullet point above - e.g.: ctrl-b . In markdown, simply type: <kbd>ctrl-b</kbd> )

BTW do you have a twitter handle? I’d love to share your great tips on twitter :slight_smile:


Thanks @jeremy for the suggestions. I’ve made the updates here:

My twitter: @reshamas


I am using this great tool for sometime now, its a plugin for tmux through which we can store the current tmux session (runnning applications, panes, environment) and restore it even after server/system restart. Its quite handy and saves a lot of time while working on local system.