Why is there no .dataset() function not in data block api doc?

My question is basically the title. I know Jeremy said dataset() function was related to PyTorch. Is that why it’s not in the doc?
My second question is: Does the .transform() function still take in size argument. According to lecture videos its does but it the doc it does say anything about it.
Form Lecture:

transform() doc page:

Any help will be appreciated.

I was stuck on the same problem. So I dug into the docs and found that there is no need to mention the .datasets() function anymore.
I’m guessing, but not sure, that earlier, the databunch could take only take in a Pytorch Datasets() object.
But now, if you look through the source code, the databunch can take an ItemList() class object directly, which means, there is no need to mention the PyTorch function .datasets() after preprocessing the data.

Regarding your second question , yes it does…
though its not part of the fastai library, it can be used to override default input sizes

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