Why do the docs for XResnet contain example code for nn.Sequential?

A 2-part question:

  1. I encountered xresnet34 in the Imagenette tutorial, so I decided to look up the docs for XResnet to see what it was about. I found them here, but the example code shows how to instantiate nn.Sequential, not XResnet. And indeed, the description section of the docs for XResnet appears to be a verbatim copy of the docs for nn.Sequential. For example, as of today’s date, the following is the first paragraph of both docs pages:

A sequential container. Modules will be added to it in the order they are passed in the constructor. Alternatively, an OrderedDict of modules can be passed in. The forward() method of Sequential accepts any input and forwards it to the first module it contains. It then “chains” outputs to inputs sequentially for each subsequent module, finally returning the output of the last module.

I’m happy to report this as a Github issue, but first I wanted to make sure I’m not going crazy and that this is indeed an issue, so I don’t waste the core team’s time.

  1. Also, while I’m at it- what is XResnet? What’s it used for? The tutorial seems to indicate that it’s a model you can plug into your learner if you don’t want to use a pre-trained Resnet model, but I’m not 100% confident in that assessment. I looked at the Github code for the XResnet class, but I didn’t see any docstrings inside the class or its methods. I also looked at the .ipynb file referenced on line one of that class, but nothing there stood out as answering my question either.