Why are we using Dimension 0

Why are using dimension 0 for taking the mean of the images

The text explains it pretty well. Not sure if this will do a good job explaining it differently:

If I remember correctly here the context is to show us how a handwritten grayscale image (single channel) of β€œ3” would look like on average. For that we stack some of the images of 3s and take a mean over the first index or dim=0. The selected images of 3s are stacked along the first index : stacked_threes[0] is the first image, stacked_threes[2] the third. Taking the mean in dim=0 simply means we see how on average a three will look like.

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It means this - if it make sense and it’s easier understand I’ll draw it properly !


Thanks for give me clear information about it, really appreciate.