Where is the data stored?

Hi !
i have a silly question. When i use path = untar_data(URLs.IMDB) in colab, Where is the data stored? Using this method path.ls() returns me [Path('/root/.fastai/data/imdb/README'),Path('/root/.fastai/data/imdb/train'),Path('/root/.fastai/data/imdb/unsup'),Path('/root/. fastai/data/imdb/tmp_clas'),Path('/root/.fastai/data/imdb/imdb/imdb.vocab'),Path('/root/.fastai/data/imdb/tmp_lm'),Path('/root/.fastai/data/imdb/tmp_lm')].
In my local hd, in my Google Drive or Google colab.


Files are stored in the Colab virtual machine, and when the instance times out, all files are permanently deleted. To download files onto your computer or move them to Google Drive, you can use the Files tab on the left-hand side. Please refer to this Stack Overflow thread for more information regarding the Files interface.