When to use which Statistical Test

I’m fairly new to Hypothesis testing and advanced Statistics. I was working on a small dataset with around 400 rows to begin with, but really facing challenges on “When to use which Statistical Test”.

For E.g., the Fields in this dataset are:

Company_Name → Self explanatory
Funding → Funding raised in $ by each of these companies
Operating → Categorical field with 350 as “Operating”, and 50 as “No more Operating”.

I was interested if there’s a significant difference between Funds raised by companies that are “operating” vs “No more Operating”. How should I approach this forward ? Should I consider this as a population and create a sample out of it with almost equal sample size for both the categories ? Should I use ANOVA, or 2 tailed independent T-test, or any other.

P.S. Pls excuse me if this question is in anyway, not suited here.