What we're suppoused to do with the 10h+ weekly for the course?

This question might seem trivial, but please read on.

Given that lectures 2,5h long and we should watch the each lecture fully once to get some kind of context and basic understanding and then again trying to type all the code by ourselves, this leaves us with 5h+ left.
What we should do with this time (aside from the possible problems and errors with setup)? Or what have you done? Did you run the notebook against similar dataset and adjusted something or read more on the topic?

I’ve registered for the Fast.ai live and after my first failed attempt to complete the course, I’m looking for some tips and given we have limited time I would like to spend my learning time wisely. Soling 2/3 similar problems looks fine, but imo it can eat a lot of time and I’m wondering if that’s the best way.

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I definitely take longer to recreate the notebooks without using the notebook as a crutch, but if you are able to get that done in less than 5 hours, congratulations! The next step is to find other datasets to use the skills in a real-world example. A good place to find these datasets are Kaggle or extract your own dataset using google images or facebook. The other option is to write a blog post to ensure that you truly understand what is happening in class. This is by far the most challenging thing to do in my opinion.