What is the order I should learn fastai courses?

(Veera) #1

I am a developer, As I wanted to learn AI, My friend suggested me to watch fastai course but He hasn’t specified in which order I should take.
Can someone suggest me in which order I should watch fastai course?


(Jochem) #2

I suggest starting with Practical deep learning for coders v3! It’s the most recent course and requires one year of coding experience. Because it is the most recent one, it is easier to immediately use what you’ve learned and apply it to your own field - the code that Jeremey shows is still quite similar to the current fastai library (that changes rapidly).
Have to say that I didn’t try all other courses currently available, so this answer might be biased :).

And btw: welcome to the forum!! Hope you’ll like it here!


(Veera) #3

Thanks @gietema

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