What is the difference between learner.save and learner.save_circle?

I wanna save and load the trained model in order to continue training it after I restart VM.

More question such as

  • Is the load method need to be immediately execute after save method?
  • What is the second argument of load_circle?

Does anybody know about it?

Many Thanks

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Try using ??learn.save_cycle and ??learn.save in your notebook and see what you find out. Tell us what you find!

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Signature: learner.save_cycle(name, cycle)
Source: def save_cycle(self, name, cycle): self.save(f’{name}cyc{cycle}’)
File: ~/anaconda3/envs/fastai/lib/python3.6/site-packages/fastai/learner.py
Type: method

I see. So, save_cycle and save are the same except save_cycle append “cyc{cycle}” in file name.

Thank you so much.

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Nice one! :slight_smile: