What is subsample of convolution2D doing

Today I am trying to study squeezeNet architecture on this page, there are one thing I do not understand
What is the subsample of convolution2D doing about?
The document never talk about it(I cannot find it), do anyone know where could I find the document of this api?Thanks

Here is a link to the Keras v1 documentation for Convolution2D: https://faroit.github.io/keras-docs/1.2.2/layers/convolutional/#convolution2d

Please note, Convolution2D is now Conv2D in the latest version of Keras.

subsample: tuple of length 2. Factor by which to subsample output. Also called strides elsewhere (including the new version of Keras).

To understand what strides do in convolutional neural networks, please take a look here: https://github.com/vdumoulin/conv_arithmetic

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