What is a substitute for DatasetFormatter() in Fastai v2

Hello, I’ve been using DatasetFormatter() class from vision widgets for the purpose if determining image duplicates in a dataset, link to the class: https://fastai1.fast.ai/widgets.image_cleaner.html
However, this functionality seems to be removed in Fastai v2? I am currently using fastai 2.2.7. Is there a different class in place of DatasetFormatter()? Or what functionality will allow me to check dataset for duplicate images. Would appreciate if you point me to appropriate resources.


The most closest that I can find is https://docs.fast.ai/vision.widgets.html#ImageClassifierCleaner but I cannot find an equivalent of find_similars. This may require implementing custom functionality provided by find_similars https://github.com/fastai/fastai1/blob/master/fastai/widgets/image_cleaner.py#L40.

- get activations from the specified layers
- get similarity between the two
- sort indices based on similarities