What happened to data.resize

In the previous version of the course I was able to do data.resize to quickly change training size. How can I do this with v1.0 of fastai?

You can use vision.transforms to resize images (with a few different options eg crop vs squish). You can pass this when you create your ImageDataBunch

The docs for that are here:

@yeldarb So you can no longer do data.resize and instead need to now create a new ImageDataBunch? Also, is there any way to print the current input size of an ImageDataBunch object?

I believe you can change it after creation by calling transform with a new set of transformations on the ImageItemList.

You can see the size of a batch by calling data.one_batch()[0].size(). This will return something like [32, 3, 224, 224] meaning you have a batch of 32 images each having 3 channels with a width and height of 224.

If you run something like this: data.train_dl.transform(tfms=get_transforms()[0], size=400) you’ll see that the size of that tensor changes to [32, 3, 400, 400].

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Ah, thank you.

It’d be nice if there was something like data.sz that returned list(data.one_batch()[0].size()[1:])