What environments are these notebooks tested in?

I figured I would play around with some of the new notebooks but right off the bat I ran into some pretty basic errors.

I am using a machine that I have successful run fastai (not v1) in the past so the machine should be be decently up to date.

Is there a guide on getting setup?

The problem I ran into is the gzip.open was expecting a str or bytes not the pathlib.WindowsPath

The problem is easily fixed with adding “str()” around the path:with gzip.open(str(PATH/FILENAME), ‘rb’) as f:

so…Is it strongly recommended to run these notebooks on a *nix machine? or will they work on a windows machine?

The problem here doesn’t come from Windows, as it runs without errors on mine. Maybe an update of the module handles the path objects properly?
Requirements to run the notebooks that I know of are: pytorch master (we are using the latest version of some functions), python 3.7 or python 3.6 with the dataclasses library.