What can I do to learn more about concepts behind fastcore utilities?

I have been getting more and more into codebase of fastai. One of the important pieces I think is fastcore utility library. I like the api documentation and excellent blog by @hamelsmu (https://fastpages.fast.ai/fastcore/) . Having played around a little bit with other languages like julia or haskell; I can also see some advantages of decisions made . However, I am looking more of a higher level description ; talking about motivations behind design decisions, what pitfalls it avoids and how I can use it effectively when designing things like microservices / database connection, as an independent piece, outside the traditional machine learning scope. I am sure I will understand more things intuitively once I use it more but would still love to read some more high level descriptions if available.
I guess I am looking for a top down way to get into the codebase. I would be grateful if forum can point me to some resources.

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