What are the different architectures available?

I know there are resnet18, resnet34, resnet50; but where can you find an exhaustive list of the architectures that can be used? I’ve tried looking in the docs but to no avail…

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You can find all of the built-in models/architectures in the fastai docs. Specifically, for vision models you can go to Vision → Models and look at the presets (there’s an Xresnet and a Unet page). Other tasks have their own model lists as well. They label them as models instead of architectures, which might be why you missed them.

There’s a lot more to try out (and with many more updated and sophisticated approaches) than the fastbook leads you to believe!


Thanks, I didn’t find this with a search, I guess I should use the menu more to find things. I still can’t find everything that you can use here though. For example, densenet201 can be used but I can’t find this in the fastai docs. Maybe it’s because these are from PyTorch and not fastai?

Think I’ve figured out how to find them all. You can go into the fastai github: pytorch models. This shows all the models fastai imports from pytorch. So I guess if you wanted one not on the list you could look here: torchvision.models — Torchvision 0.10.0 documentation (pytorch.org) and manually import them.

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