WeightedDL for Multi Label

Hi, Is there a way that I can implement WeightedDL for Multi Label Image Classification. Any help would be greatly appreciated …

The implementation I guess is not very different to the Single Label Classification case. I just did one that you can check here: https://www.kaggle.com/dienhoa/healthy-lung-classification-spectrogram-fast-ai .

Now it depends on you that how you will weight an item. Because an item contains multiple labels, oversampling a class will lead to oversampling others, and it might not easy to guarantee you will have balance dataloader,

Hope it helps.

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I saw you notebook , there’s actually where I got the idea to try WeightedDL. It was really nice. I was implementing one one for the Plant Pathology Competition in Kaggle. I was successful in doing so, if I get good enough results I will release the code :slight_smile:

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Great !! I’m very happy that my notebook is helpful. Hope to see your code then :slight_smile: