Walk with fastai is great!

How come I didn’t know about this?!

It even includes a way to train timm models in fastai! Are there some other similar fastai-related resources, especially for what it concerns computer vision? I like a lot the “documentation as executable Jupyter notebook”, in the spirit of https://course.fast.ai/


I’m glad you enjoy Walk with fastai :slight_smile: I spent the last year or so writing the materials in it (specifically the course was the most time consuming) and tried to think of as many creative bits and bobs as possible.

In regards to a list of fastai-related resources, there is a collective list of fastai extensions available here, with most being made with nbdev (allowing your “documentation as executable Jupyter notebook”):


There’s four extensions available there for vision, however only faststyle and UPIT are nbdev extensions. fastai2_extensions may be another you’d be interested in, as it has some heatmap capabilities.


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