Walk-through examples of all default datasets in fastai?

Are there any guides/resources that go through each dataset that is available within the fastai library? Such as:

  • CIFAR_100
  • DOGS
  • … (complete list)

I would personally find walk-through examples for each dataset useful for beginners who might need a guide to check their approach.

I think the docs would be the best place.

If you think it’s missing something, raise a PR/you could write a blogpost on it :smiley:

You’re right, the docs do have their examples with some of these datasets. But there are also datasets in there such as YELP_REVIEWS that are not used in any of the official docs.

I actually wouldn’t mind creating a curated list of walk-throughs for all of these datasets :slight_smile:


Please share it with us once it’s up :slight_smile: :tea: