Voila works on paperspace but not on my custom repo

Beginner here: this question is en route to working through lecture 3 and trying to deploy properly.

I’m using paperspace for course-v4, and I made a bear_classifier.ipynb as shown in the lecture because the features were cool. In paperspace I replaced the notebooks in the URL with voila/render which worked like in the lecture.

I made a new repository and pushed the bear_classifier.ipynb, however, when I followed instructions for mybinder it gets a 404 error. I put the model file in the repo as well.

Here’s the repo:

My guess is mybinder doesn’t know how to generate a docker with voila, but if I had to pip install it, how do I do that on my demo repo? I’m planning on putting my demo toy projects on that repo since paperspace didn’t have ssh and I wasn’t able to fork from there (I could be missing something trivial in that regard).

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Hi @paperwave - just taken a look at your repo. One of the things that jumps out to me is that it’s missing a requirements.txt file. The lessons don’t make it clear that you need one of these.

This GitHub repo shows you the various files you need to have in your repo. I’d suggest you start off by copying the requirements.txt file and adding it into your repo and trying again. If that doesn’t work, check to see if there are any big differences between this and your repo.

Thankyou, I’m not sure how I missed that repo from watching the lecture since on second look the url is on the screen.

Haha. I also missed it first time around!