Virtual Study Group (CST)

As someone who doesn’t live near any of the ‘hub’ cities with IRL study-groups, and as someone who learns better in a group than on their own, I’d love to have a virtual study group tomorrow.

My plan is to put a Zoom meeting link up here tomorrow in the morning some time. Probably around 9am CST. I’ll have a P2 spun up and connected. We can code or talk or teach or learn. I know my zoom account is a bit limited, so we may end up in some other platform or something, but I’ll be here tomorrow and I hope to see you there too!

I’ve moved this to #part2-v2:groups2 FYI.

Awesome. Thanks!

I’m not sure what zoom is, but I’ll try to connect tomorrow if I can.

I am in CST but 9 AM is working hours. Will try if I can join.

What times (and/or days) would be better for you, @renjithmadhavan ?

On weekends I am flexible and can be available any time during the day. On weekdays after 6.30 PM is good.

Starting in about 20 minutes.

If you don’t have Zoom.

I was picking a time that was convenient for me. Sorry it’s not convenient for everybody. Hope to see you there!

Here we go!

Interested in doing another online meeting. Monday morning? Saturday some time? Any other suggested time?

Starting another one of these here in 10 minutes. I’ll update this post with the link.

It won’t let me join for some reason. Says the join id is invalid.

I have a free Zoom account and it just cut me off.

Here’s a new meetingID:

Thanks for stopping in @snagpaul! :smiley:

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Getting Invalid Meeting Id error :frowning:

For connecting to zoom you have to enter a numerical ID. ex:635618494 only.

Screen sharing and unlimited time usage.
Already has 4 members, can accommodate 6 more (limit).
If this group fills up, we can create another one.

Sorry I didn’t see this sooner. The meeting ID is only valid for the duration of the meeting and this must have been after our meeting concluded. I’ll be having another one of these very soon though. Probably early next week.