Utils.py in paperspace keeps on being deleted

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Im having to git pull everyday to get the file back

Think I figured it out.

Boom all those files are back - most importantly Utils.py

Note: I have little experience with git so if there is an easier way to do this or if you have any suggestions I am all ears. I pretty much hacked this together by trying all the git commands until the file came back.

Notes #2: Looks like a better strategy is to save everything under /storage…

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yep. it is disappearing for me too.
Though the last git pull didn’t bring it down again.

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Have you tried git reset --hard HEAD?

It looks like it has something to do with git.

When I git status its there under Changes not staged for commit:
deleted: nbs/utils.py

Still cant wrap my head around git but when I do Ill update

Yes, I face the same problem. I waste sometime figuring out and doing git reset every time. Restart Kernel, and all sorts of things. Not sure whats the good fix for this issue.

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I’m having entire repo gone, except for the folder name. And yes, also had the utils.py go missing previously.

Haven’t gotten any responses from them on this. My bug report last week went unanswered.

Is the expectation that we clone notebooks we want to not have get annihilated into the storage directory?

Edit: Looks like Storage directory is what we should all be using. Going to clone down into that location from now on for notebooks.

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I am on a thread with Paperspace support on a related topic - not utils but several other folders have gone missing under /notebooks. This may be relevant for some - the workaround is to ensure all your files are under /storage which apparently have a better QoS. I will update here when I hear back about /notebooks folder being affected. Note that the storage folder under /notebooks actually points to /storage.


if you git status do you see your repo?

so /notebooks is actually in /storage?!

So confusing…

Any update from Paperspace support on this?
git reset --hard HEAD would reset everything including our own copies of nbs. We need to find better solution.
I wonder why git pull won’t bring such missing files

Unfortunately I never did get an official answer.

I moved everything into /storage. Havent had problems since.

@Salazar So, move both folders under storage?

FYI to folks experiencing this issue,

Course-v4 and datasets are temp storage IIRC, /Storage is your allocated SSD that is persistent.

For all of my Paperspace-y workflow, I create folders under storage and work from there.

Tagging @dkobran & @tomg for the errors/issues in the thread above.


For those seeing this thread now, we (Paperspace) believe this has been resolved :slight_smile: If anyone experiences more issues here or otherwise, please let us know. Thanks for bringing this to light!