Using unet_learner on tiff volume

(Antonio Rueda Toicen) #1

Hi guys,

I want to test unet_learner against another U-net implementation that I’ve built.

I’m scratching my head on how to load the tiff volume and label files that I have.

Here are the files and the paths that I use to load them using imageio.

train_volume_path = ''
train_labels_path = ''

Here’s an attempt of what I’ve tried: creating a DataBunch out of two DataLoader and my own SegmentationDataset. It’s not working. Any advice? I’m going through the camvid tutorial while I write this.


If you want to use the Dataset class with fastai, you should check this (you’re missing the c attribute here). You really should be creating your custom ItemList and the data block API to benefit from everything the library has to offer.

(Antonio Rueda Toicen) #3

Thanks for the reply! I’ve been reading on the data block API and it solves several problems that I had.