Using kaggle in lesson 3 for planet

Hi! I’m having trouble with the initial uploading of data from kaggle. When I run these lines:
! mkdir -p ~/.kaggle/
! mv kaggle.json ~/…/…/.kaggle/

I get this output:
mv: cannot stat ‘kaggle.json’: No such file or directory

Does anyone have an idea for how I can fix this? I don’t understand what these two lines of code are meant to do, but there seems to be a problem with locating the file. Thanks for the help!

This seems to be same issue as the other thread, please avoid duplicates.
Where are you running this?
You need to download kaggle.json from your Kaggle account page.

Refer to this for an idea on how to download:

Hi! Yes, this was a problem on the same lesson. I am not using colab. I am trying to use the jupyter notebook setup shown in the class. I am still having a lot of difficulty downloading this data onto the GPU. I downloaded the API onto my computer and thought I had it uploaded onto the jupyter notebooks directory, but I was then unable to find it using the directions in the notebook. I only have one year of python experience, so a lot of the code in this class is above my head. I’ve been playing around with the planet lesson all day, and have made absolutely no progress towards accessing the data. I have asked for help in this forum as well as other sources, and have yet to hear any ideas that help me to move forward, as the suggestions have been either a) too technical for me to understand or b)not relevant to the platform I’m using. I would really appreciate help if you (or anyone else) can think of something I haven’t tried, or a better way to explain the computer science that I have trouble with.