Using Googles Colab

Im having an issue using my folder for creating a multi-class classifier. I can dock it but can’t seem to find the code to view it or access it via fastai. I’ve tried the ImageBunch_folder etc but nothing seems to work… (my folder is in my google drive)… Suggestions ? - I had no issues with datasets from the course…

Can you go into more detail to the issue? In colab the path from your google drive is usually:

content/drive/My Drive/myFolder/etc

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Its the code I need to define the path that seems to be the issue… I can write to the drive but unsure as to what to code to view the folder contents… I tried for 4 hrs last night and gave up out of frustration. I’m sure it’s just the line of code needed for the path… I’ll give it another go here in a bit …

Hey, did you put this line on the very top?

!curl | bash

I suggest you to use this code for moving the zip file to the colab if you are using zip file:

!cp "/content/drive/My Drive/fastai-v3/data/Happy Sugar Life Dataset/" "/content/data/happy_sugar_life/"

I can not remember it works for a folder or not too.

If it is lesson2 , you can see my example using colab: link

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No I didn’t… I definitely will try… Thanks