Using Fastai on windows + Spyder

Is it possible to run Fastai on windows using Spyder?

If so can I get some directions how to install it and if not can you please explain why?

Spyder is an IDE - it doesn’t affect whether you can run fastai or not. Unfortunately AFAIK fastai doesn’t fully support Windows out of the box, so you’re probably better off getting a Linux machine (Colab or any cloud provider).

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Thanks for your help.

Do you know if there’s a way to connect with spyder on my pc to a server (say gradient) and run it as a terminal.
I find it way more comfortable to use Spyder over Jupyter.

If your IDE supports remote interpreter (over SSH for example), then that’s pretty easy to set up - just need external IP for your cloud machine. Otherwise I have no idea, sorry!

For some reason I can’t import fastbook using spyder on ubuntu. I launch spyder after activating the conda environment that allows me to use fastbook on jupyter notebook successfully.
When I try ‘import fastbook’ I get: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘fastbook’
Any idea how to fix it?