USF Study Groups

Anyone planning to meet here at UCSF in person during the week?

I assume you mean USF? I’ve edited the title since I’m guessing that’s what you meant - let me know if I guess incorrectly!

Count me in. Preferably, every Friday.

count me in

I’d like to join if possible :smiley: The only night I’m busy is Tuesday.

So who wants to come tomorrow? I’ll be around most of the day, although I have a few meetings with students…

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I would love to come tomorrow! Also does USF have rooms where we can meetup on the weekends?

Yes weekends are good too! Certainly Saturdays - not sure about Sundays. @yinterian how would we organize this?

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I will come tomorrow. What time are we meeting.

I am happy to find rooms for you. At what time do you want to meet today?

Thanks so much!! I can come anytime in the afternoon today when Jermey is free.

The room 153 is reserved up to 4 pm today.

If you need a room for later you can send an email to Leslie (

The idea of the study sessions is for the students to work together and help each other - it’s not office hours with me (although note that @yinterian does office hours at 5.30p each Monday!) I am popping in and out during the day as and when I have a moment :slight_smile:

Are you all free this Thursday? Say 6:30?

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Thursday works for me.

I emailed Leslie for a room Thursday from 6:30 - 8:30. I’ll add the room number once it’s finalized. Looking forward to studying with you all!


Count me in for Thursday. Earlier could work too if the room is available.

Leslie just got back to me. I’ve got room 518 booked for 6 people.

Directions from Leslie:
“I’ve reserved room 518 on the 5th floor for your group. Just an FYI as the doors to the building will be locked at 6:30pm, the swipe to get in is on the brick column to the left of the door - you’ll just swipe and it will unlock. Once you are in the building, take the elevator to the 5th floor, I believe you will also need to swipe your card once in the elevator. And finally, when on the 5th floor room 518 is on the right of the large room, near the bottom of the stair case on that side.”

Thanks Marie. I don’t have my card yet. Will anyone be able to meet me outside and tag me in?