US - EST study group (Online)

We will be meeting weekly once to discuss learning. Optionally, going through book chapters, research papers, and participating in Kaggle can be discussed for interested folks.

Here is link to discord: Part1'22 - EST Study group
Please provide your information here: FastAI Study Groups 2022 - EST - Google Sheets

Weekly meeting time: Every Sunday 3-4:30 PM. We can change this to another time that suits the most.



Interested :blush:

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Me too :slightly_smiling_face:

I would love to join :slight_smile:

Really interested as well. Discord?

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@iamgianluca @fmussari @dpv @zymoide1 here is link to discord - Part1'22 - EST Study group

Thanks for starting this group, I was looking for an EST group on the weekends.

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ooo east coast? nice Im in

looks like the discord invite is invalid or expired?

Hey @vikbehal

Is the EST group meeting on discord frequently? I would love to join

Any answer on the discord link?

Hi, this is the link for Discord channel

Although we lost last meeting, three of us are normally meeting on Sundays at 3 pm.