ULMFiT results

Hi all,

In Table 3 of the ULMFiT paper, Miyato et al., 2016 is referenced under IMDb. However, the results from that paper on DBpedia are not reported, which actually show lower error rates than ULMFiT (0.76% vs 0.80% error in ULMFit). I thought this might be a version issue, as the paper is referenced as 2016, but the paper was last updated by May 2017. I just wanted to bring this to your attention in case this was missed somehow.

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Thanks for letting us know! cc @sebastianruder

Thanks for pointing this out! We compared to the results in (Johnson and Zhang, 2017) as I thought these were the most recent numbers. I didn’t realize Miyato et al. (2017) also evaluated on DBpedia.

Got it! Good work on the paper; I really enjoyed it.