ULMfit implementation in Tensorflow?

Has anyone attempted to implement ULMFit in TensorFlow? If so, please share! Otherwise, let me know if anyone’s interested in collaborating on an attempt.


I think the best way to use ULMFiT in Tensorflow is to store the pre-trained model in tensorflow hub.

@Samuel - that’s a great option - do you know if anyone has created a TF Hub module for ULMFit?

While that would be great as an option - I was hoping to read through an implementation the model from start to finish for both educational purposes and to train on a different corpus.

https://www.tensorflow.org/hub/modules/text has some interesting pretrained models. There are weights for https://arxiv.org/pdf/1802.05365.pdf which is similar to ULMFit.

Any updates?

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Looking for ULMFiT implementation in tensorflow / Keras. Please share details if there are any.

Looking for ULMFiT implementation in tensorflow,too! Please share~

but ELMO is not same as ULMFiT right ?

Hi @ostegm!
Are you still interested in implementing ULMFit in TF/Keras. I would definitely want to collaborate.