TypeError: ufunc 'add' for lesson3-imdb

When I try to run:

data_lm = (TextFilesList.from_folder(path)                           
           #Inputs: all the text files in path
            .filter_by_folder(include=['train', 'test']) 
           #We may have other temp folders that contain text files so we only keep what's in train and test
           #We randomly split and keep 10% (10,000 reviews) for validation
           #We want to do a language model so we label accordingly

I get:

TypeError: ufunc β€˜add’ did not contain a loop with signature matching types dtype(’<U32’) dtype(’<U32’) dtype(’<U32’)```


Any suggestions?

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NVM!! just a nb code glitch - working now…

I think that was a particular version of numpy. Try conda install numpy

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I’m still getting this error whenever I try to load from unstructured .txt files.

from fastai.text import TextList
data = (TextList.from_folder('.')
  • Python 3.7.0
  • fastai-1.0.38
  • numpy-1.15.4

EDIT I created a new virtual environment and now it’s working :man_shrugging: