Type object 'ColumnarModelData' has no attribute 'from_arrays'


I was running through Lesson 6 iPython notebook, Part 1, 2018 course, and I received the below error "type object ‘ColumnarModelData’ has no attribute ‘from_arrays’

I’m not sure why, I do not see from_arrays attribute when I click on tab button as well in the notebook. But the ColumnarModeData has from_arrays class method function in the column_data.py file.

pip installed fastai, working on aws. Have been able to load and run all other fastai libraries though.

Any suggestions please?

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This has been solved. Re-did from scratch of installations.

I have the same problem with that. What am I have to do?

This is simply a conflict between the correct fastai version in the folder ‘~/fastai/fastai’ and the bad version installed inside Anaconda.

Just remove the second by: pip uninstall fastai.

Afterwards, you should always point the correct address of your fastai library.
I add, for example,
import sys

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