Two blocking doubts in first step of fasai with paperspace setup


I am just stepping in. I am going through this very first video, however, the setup there is different from what I see in paperspace which now has more options.


1. Should I choose Public or Custom?
I went through earlier posts and see some users have selected public and got lost (afaik). So I guess it should be custom. Please advice.

2. Card Payment
I am not comfortable using credit cards (also do not have one). Any one successful using any virtual credit card? Especially any recommendation from India?

the Paperspace + .7x is good for the v1 lectures and videos. public is fine and easier.

no idea if virtual cards would work, but i don’t see why not. you are starting at a very annoying time for yourself, since v3 of the course is coming out, and almost all the documetnation that exists for ‘fast ai’ is actually 1.0 which is largely incompatible with what is in the notebook for v1 of the course.

fwiw, i was using paperspace and the v1 version of the course, but for actually using fast ai libraries and making my own models I have used only google colab. which is also free, and does not require a credit card

Thanks @eof – another new starter here. So, do you know when v3 of the course is coming out?
Is there any guide to using Google colab for fastai ?

According to the admins on here the course lectures will be available ‘sometime in january’. I would guess very early january based on previous releases.

The v3 course notebooks are already available:

But they are officially not supported at this time, so if you run into issues and ask for help specifically with those notebooks you will get a finger wagging more than help :slight_smile:

the good news is that colab is super easy to set up for, not sure who but someone wrote a nice bash script which takes care of it.

Just run

!curl | bash 

in the first code block and it should be good to go for

You can see here: some boiler plate for setting up and connecting google drive (invaluable to me to store data).

That is the beginning of my attempt on the kaggle whale tail competition so it has more than just setup, which may or may not be useful. But its somehwat documented, so i hope it helps. I am only a couple months ahead of you both and still consider myself completely green, so take it all with a grain of salt :slight_smile:

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Cool ! Thank @eof
Based on the setup script link you posted, found that has some content and setup guides for various cloud platforms.

Going to give that a try, fully understanding that it might/might-not work and is WIP.


@eof Oh I did not know that. you mean V3 or part 3? Because afaik, there are part 1, part 2 and I guess now they release part 3? Or you specifically mean version 3 of Part 1 lessons?

And I really need help on cards. Any one successfully used virtual credit cards or any debit cards from India? Entropy has shut down for outside Europe.

I mean literally version three of the part 1 lesson. As far as I know there is still only part 1 and part 2 for DL.

Cannot wait to get my hands on v3. :grinning:

Also, thanks for the hint on setting up Colab. Super useful.