Trying to get acquainted to fastai2 ... where can I read about main changes/thoughts from v1?

Hi there,

I went to install fastaiv2 and I was trying to get a sense of what the reasons are for creating this v2, e.g. is it just an iteration over v1 or is it a rebuild using different abstractions? And if so, are there structural changes or overarching goals for it?

So I wonder, is there any forum to follow or anything to read about v2 that would help in this regard?

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There’s a code walkthrough for it, and I’m doing a study group that helps cover this as well :slight_smile:

Jeremy’s code walkthrough:

The study group:

The study group covers on an individual topic/data base what to do for each. But in the first lecture I cover how the new api works :slight_smile:

Also link to said study group: A walk with fastai2 - Study Group and Online Lectures Megathread

It’s easier to jump in with the examples because it really was a reworking from the ground up


Oh wow! This is amazing, thanks for putting those live sessions together.

This gives me a sense of direction :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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Answering my own question, this just came up today: , a paper discussing v2 from the ground up rewrite, by Jeremy and Sylvain


Is there already an (early stage) documentation for version 2 like the one for version 1 here

@ChristophNeuner you can try this link


Thanks a lot!