Try out "Jupyter Lab"

Perhaps the best thing after python, numpy and jupyter itself: this is jupyter on steroids! One of my goals over the thanksgiving break: get started playing around with “Jupyter Lab”. Let us know the experience…

Sweetest deal of all: there’s a ticket open for a visual debugger: also a request made by many. Right now, I’m being badly burned trying to debug python codes while running them on a remote machine with GPUs. If and when that should be done, I will take off all my clothes and take a plunge into freezing water so as to convinve myself I’m not dreaming :slight_smile:


I agree, this is amazing!!! But I’m having problems with the progress bar, each actualization in being printed on a new line, you’re facing this issue too or is my machine?

BTW it’s really worth learning to use the regular Jupyter debugger:


true… I’ve tried the python native debuggers, but nothing beats the experience of having a true IDE debugger such as in PyCharm or Eclipse. I have (for better or worse) always relied on them.

But then I’ve been dependent on an IDE also for other tasks such as easy file explorer, point-and-click method navigation etc. Coming from a Java or C++ background the usages of heavyweight IDEs are taken for granted, especially for large/complex code-bases.

Using a jupyter-notebook however, throws a complete wrench on the IDEA-all development workflow. Been trying to figure out a good workflow. Done right, Jupyter-Lab might just be the answer!

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I’ve been waiting patiently for the beta. The last version I tried was a little bit buggy, but I’m dying for the collaboration features.

pdb works great! I use it on when I run python directly from terminal. That’s when I find it even more valuable because it allows me to stop the run and find out what the values of all the objects are.

I see the same issue. The progress bar overflows on a new line in each iteration…

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Recent Jupyter Lab announcement;”:

I’ve been playing with it and can’t ever go back to plain old notebooks again. While it’s technically still in Beta, I’ve replaced Jupyter Notebook with JupyterLab as my main programming environment, it is that

Imho it makes Jupyter a full featured development environment. I found notebooks a little clunky for typical use cases- check cpu/gpu usage, error logs, view data files, use the terminal for whatever reason. So I defaulted to using vim and tmux. With Lab, I get all of that from the same app + other goodies.

A few of the said goodies:

  • Reconfigurable panes for notebooks, editors, consoles, terminals and “views”
  • “Views” of files that update in real time. The files in question can be csvs, scripts, what have you. The framework doesn’t care!
  • Bind a text editor to the console that sort of emulates my vim+tmux+vim-slime setup
  • Fullscreen mode for any pane
  • More powerful extention system- there’s a plugin that allows real-time collaboration via Google Drive!

If you have some time, this video by the devs is a great walk-through of the nifty new features.

Try it live with Binder

^ from my blog

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I too have fully transitioned over to Jupyter Lab and loving it! Highly recommend it